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FomoLab and all the Use Cases of FOMO Token

[ad_1] Abstract Fomo Lab is an organization of crypto experts, artist representation specialists, and passionate NFT lovers, creating a platform and marketplace for verified well-known musicians, athletes, celebrities, rappers, artists, digital creatives, and influencers to establish their NFT collections. They are one of the fastest-growing full suite NFT DeFi Platforms on the Binance Smart Chain due to the fundamental usage of NaaS (NFT as a Service) platform that integrates services
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Bezoge: the Canine Crypto Astronaut with a Token Named in his Honor

[ad_1] The internet is a happening place and the crypto ecosystem, its greatest example. Time after time, we come across multiple exciting projects! Unlike the traditional financial trading market, the crypto trading market is full of fun, interactive characters such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.  Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, while both meme coins have different functionalities and different success rates. While Dogecoin aimed for the moon (and reached it) with
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Cryptocurrency and Casinos: The Benefits of Digital Currency for Online Gaming

[ad_1] Online casinos were among some of the earliest adopters of cryptocurrency payments. At a time when the financial media was focusing on the volatility of bitcoin and other brand counterparts, the online casino industry was beginning to embrace digital currencies. The additional layers of security provided by cryptocurrency payments combined with anonymity has an appeal to online iGamers around the world. The exact percentage of casinos accepting cryptocurrency payments
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Interview with NFT Art Gallery TWO TWO’s Co-Founder Avron Goss

[ad_1] The concept of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) causing an explosion in the art world is of course not surprising for pundits who have been following the evolution of NFTs since Crypto Kitties. The opportunities that NFT technology can provide is core to why there is so much interest.  TWO TWO is an extreme art gallery that has jumped on the NFT bandwagon in a big way and we have here
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Popular Brokerage easyMarkets announces µBTC account for customers

[ad_1] As cryptocurrencies continue to gain in popularity, large brokerage houses are adjusting their offerings to stay in line with the latest market requirements. The reputable CFD platform easyMarkets made an important announcement regarding the use of Bitcoin for deposits, trade, and withdrawals. The µBTC account is one of the latest features enabled by the brand regulated in multiple jurisdictions, including licenses from CySEC and ASIC. Long-running provider easyMarkets is
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Crypto Crime Victim Superfund Moves Forward – European Commission Accused of Ignoring Crypto Fraud

[ad_1] The European Union Parliament Petitions Committee is considering a Petition filed by lawyer, Dr. Jonathan Levy, on behalf of investors, organizations and companies seeking the establishment of a crypto industry supported Superfund to reimburse victims of crypto fraud and crime.   In a letter to the EU yesterday, Dr. Levy disputed the European Commission position that crypto fraud was not a problem. The European Commission (EC) in its initial

MicroStrategy gets $1.6 billion in orders in junk bond offering

[ad_1] Software firm MicroStrategy saw $1.6 billion worth of orders in a recent junk bond offering — four times the initially sought amount.Earlier this week, the company announced it would issue $400 million worth of junk bonds in a private offering, with a view to using the proceeds to purchase Bitcoin (BTC). Junk bonds are debt offerings by companies without investment-grade credit ratings and typically offer investors higher returns while carrying higher risk.