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STUD Token: NFT Marketplace, Gamification, and Global Reward System

Learning does not have to be boring. 

Studyum is creating a unique opportunity for learners to create, trade, and earn NFT crypto collectibles. The rise in the popularity of NFTs over the past year is bringing a lot of attention to projects which have actively developed and integrated NFTs into their platforms. Studyum always envisioned leveraging the power of NFTs to build a more engaging and rewarding learning environment for their users. 

What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?  

NFTs are unique digital representations of information stored on digital ledgers/blockchains. They can represent many types of digital files including photos, vidoes, and audio. Ownership of NFTs is confirmed on the blockchain through proof of ownership which states that a certain blockchain address owns a given NFT. 

Barring NFTs, digital assets remain interchangeable. For example, there is no difference between one bitcoin and another bitcoin, they are interchangeable; NFTs on the other hand cannot be swapped between each other like bitcoins because each NFT is completely unique.

Creating NFTs 

Studyum learners and teachers are able to create life-like 3D avatars using their platform. These avatars are photo-holographic NFT crypto collectible cards that can be personalized and traded between the users. By creating 3D NFT avatars, students and teachers are able to have a more personal digital learning experience. Students and teachers can create avatars that help them express their personalities and gamify their learning and teaching process.

Teachers may create NFT collectibles to send to students for achieving learning milestones, or for outstanding test performances; the possibilities are limited only by the teacher’s imagination. Studyum believes this creates a more fun and rewarding learning environment for both the students and teachers using Studyum. Studyum is made to provide an ideal learning environment based on modern neuroscience research and, through NFTs, encourage emotional engagement during the learning process and, in turn, enrich and accelerate this process. 

Trading NFTs

Each NFT on Studyum is unique, and, therefore, being custom-made by a user, it can also hold significant sentimental value. If one student likes an NFT owned by another student, they cannot simply ask for a copy of it – such is the unique value inherent in non-fungible tokens. In line with this, the users enjoy full autonomy over their tokens, and are free to trade NFTs back and forth between each other as they wish.

The Studyum NFT marketplace is where NFT trading occurs. The values of NFTs are completely dependent on the users, hence, they are also the ones who can name their price. 

Gamification of Learning 

Gamifying the learning experience of the learners and teachers on Studyum through NFTs allows them to take advantage of the benefits gamification offers, such as: 

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased motivation 
  • Enhanced creativity 
  • Stronger communication 
  • Higher engagement levels 
  • Skill development 
  • An interactive and fun learning environment

Creating an ideal learning environment by making learning interactive and fun is the primary reason Studyum chose to implement gamification on the platform through NFTs. The users are free to create their own NFTs to better express themselves and connect with what they are learning. Teachers are able to award unique and personalized rewards to their students for overcoming their limitations and successfully completing learning objectives.

Studyum is focused on making learning fun again. 

Did we mention the platform’s STUD token is what makes all this possible? Head over to the website and subscribe to learn more about the official launch of STUD token! 

Are you ready to invest in the future of decentralized learning? 

Find out about more Studyum here:

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