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Ojamu’s Neural Predictive Engine Will Help Optimize Digital Marketing Strategies

Letting human marketers create a modern digital marketing strategy is expensive and time-consuming. There are tools such as blockchain and Ai that can not only do the work faster and cheaper, but also provide much better results tailored to the needs of one’s brand, company, or project. Ojamu showcases what is possible when combining these two disruptive technologies under one banner, and at a fraction of the cost of other marketing solutions. 

Current Technology Has Run Its Course

In a field as competitive as digital marketing, there are many options and strategies to devise, yet finding the most effective one can be rather overwhelming. That may seem strange, given the growing number of companies and brands trying to establish an online presence. Numerous companies are still thriving in doing so, although they often have to spend massive budgets on getting something unique through trial and error. Not everyone has that luxury.

For the rest of the companies and brands, it can be challenging to make a lasting impression. Running multiple campaigns a year is an option but a rather expensive one. Rather than maintaining such an unfair playing field, companies like Ojamu aim to disrupt the status quo. As MarTech – or Marketing Technology – is an innovative field with a strong focus on making marketing campaigns more optimized and bringing goals within reach, there are numerous options to explore.

Technology alone can’t solve every problem. It is a tool to come to a favorable outcome for all parties involved. However, thinking outside of the box is an often overlooked quality that fuels experimentation and unique ideas which would otherwise remain unexplored. Why not try something that hasn’t been done before? A combination of innovation (blockchain) and over 100 million data sets (AI) will lead to some opportunities brands and companies might not even be aware of. Without going that extra mile to “not just another company doing X, Y, or Z”, such opportunities will forever remain out of reach. 

Ojamu Goes One Step Further

Not only does Ojamu combine blockchain and artificial technology, but it also adds non-fungible token technology to the mix. An intriguing combination of options, as the Singaporean company can provide automated solutions with AI-driven insights and a Neural Predictive Engine to form a digital marketing strategy for any brand. 

By using a cross-chain approach spanning multiple blockchains, Ojamu can use real-time data and over 100 million data points to gather information, ideas, and other data relevant to a client. Its suite of proprietary AI tools will predict the most effective digital marketing solution and present it in an easy-to-follow roadmap format. Checking off milestones one by one is the easiest approach but also the most impactful one.

The introduction of non-fungible tokens is interesting, as all brand partners will use Ojamu NFTs to access their proprietary artificial intelligence and intelligent toolsets. Many people see NFTs as a way to collect art or virtual items, but its potential use cases go much further. Seeing NFTs pop up in MarTech is just one example of how companies can use the technology across many different industries with ease. 

The marketing industry needs to keep evolving and adapting new technologies to remain relevant. In this modern time, service providers must explore every competitive advantage as quickly as possible. Companies tapping into either AI or blockchain have a leg up over companies that don’t. However, services like Ojamu combine the best of both worlds and go one step further, introducing new opportunities for its clients. 

Harnessing powerful technologies is one step. Presenting their output in a convenient format is something else entirely. Nevertheless, Ojamu’s roadmap-oriented list of things can work wonders for many companies exploring modern marketing strategies. No one should spend hours over implementing a marketing strategy tailored to their needs. Instead, follow the steps and be done. There is no need for unnecessary bells and whistles.

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