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Coin Analytics – Crypto analytics trading platform

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In the treacherous world of financial investments it’s hard to climb and easy to slip and fall. Most traders would spend hours on end observing charts using technical analysis and meticulous price action. After rigorous research of fundamental mechanics validating many indicators and KPI reports of indices or CFTC reports or similar to find market opportunities and to determine entry or exit strategies. All this manual work may take days or weeks to decide and then when trades are executed the market conditions have changed since then usually meaning unsuccessful trades or little return or missing the growth all together. Also as it’s extremely laborious it’s likely some form of analysis may be missed along the way leading to incorrect decisions and again impacting performance.

At Coin Analytics with our combined over thirty years experience we understand this predicament. We understand that the financial markets in these times are moving too fast for traditional human manual trading methodology to be effective or truly have the ability to maximise the opportunities. Therefore our dedicated team have developed and launched an enterprise trading platform that can compute all those variables automatically to provide the trader the best decisions possible at the time with incredible speed and precision to ensure that you can maximise on opportunities. We have created a tool that amplifies a traders ability to become more successful.

The Coin Analytics team have released an analytics trading platform that is the perfect companion for an experienced trader or passive investor in cryptocurrencies. The CANAL platform offers automated near real time analysis of the crypto market. It provides overall market insights to deep dive technical analysis for each cryptocurrency with smart daily trading signals. It also provides a portfolio optimiser tool and easy to use risk assessment analysis with strategy back testing capabilities.

Although it’s not to be used as a day trading tool it is however equipped to perform medium to long term trend analysis. This includes automated graphical Fibonacci Retracement support and resistance thresholds for buy and sell. Automated risk assessment with drawdown analysis and auto strategy performance ranking using annualised Sortino ratio.

The traditional stock and commodity markets had their time and success however this day and age the digital market 24/7 requires faster analysis and execution. The cryptocurrency market has a tiny market capitalisation verses the other markets yet the new age brings ever more sophisticated requirements for this technology. It is a matter of time till everyone embraces this new technology just as the Internet of things has.

The crypto market relative to other markets currently has a tiny market capitalisation and with the surge of demand has a significant potential of growth. For the last three years even with all time highs gold only increased by 75% at best. The NASDAQ had also an all time high yet only a 135% growth at best. Even comparing the fantastic growth of Amazon it still does not compare with Bitcoin market growth alone with over 650%.

It is a great opportunity to enter the crypto market and be part of the next major transition of wealth. Of course with all rewards comes more risk but with robust automated risk assessment and strategy we can climb effectively. We welcome you to the Canal community and join us in the journey. For more information please contact us on info@coinanalytics.io


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