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Grand Time: The First Truly Complete Crypto Platform Which Can Finally Take Crypto Into the Mainstream


Cryptocurrencies are now more popular than ever, but unfortunately blockchain adoption is not yet truly widespread. While owning digital currencies is common among younger and more tech-savvy people, the general public still considers crypto as something that’s far too complicated. Grand Time is a project which aims to change it by building a complete ecosystem of beginner-friendly blockchain solutions.

Grand Time is a decentralized, community-driven environment designed around a simple idea: allowing people to literally turn time into money by empowering them to monetize and tokenize every moment of their lives.

Grand Time is powered by a token called Grand, which represents each 1/10,000,000th part of the day. Thanks to Grand tokens, even the smallest parts of our lives can be turned into crypto assets.

One of the biggest problems of the current blockchain ecosystem is the fact that most digital currencies are simply not very useful. Even when a beginner acquires some crypto, there’s just not too many things which can be done with it, which is very off-putting.

Grand Time differs from most crypto projects by focusing on the usability of Grand tokens. Because of that, the Grand Time ecosystem is very vibrant and full of various beginner-friendly tools empowering people to put their tokens to a good use.

Some of the main components of Grand Time include:

Grand Social Mining

Social mining allows everyone to turn time into money in a very easy way. The users can generate Grand token rewards by performing simple social media tasks, such as promoting Grand Time.

Grand Wallet

Tokens generated through social mining can be stored in Grand Wallet – a secure and reliable tool used for sending, receiving and storing cryptocurrency assets. Unlike many other wallets, Grand Time is specifically focused on being maximally welcoming even to people with zero crypto experience.

Grand Messenger

Community-building is one of the primary focuses of Grand Time. Grand Messenger allows people to communicate with like-minded individuals, while also giving them the option to easily send Grand tokens to their friends.

Grand Terminal

Although the Grand token is the main asset of Grand Time, it’s not the only one. Every user of Grand Time can use the Grand Terminal to create and launch their own digital tokens.

Grand Exchange

Grand Exchange can be used to effortlessly swap between different crypto assets utilized within the Grand Time ecosystem. The users can exchange Grand for tokens created on Grand Terminal and vice versa.

Grand NFT Auction

Non-Fungible Tokens allow people to express themselves in creative ways using blockchain. Thanks to the Grand NFT Auction, people can easily launch, trade and collect NFTs.

The easiest way to purchase Grand tokens is through the official Grand Time launchpad. The launchpad is divided into 201 phases, and with each phase the price of 1 GRAND is increased initially by $0.0001, and in the later phases by $0.001 per phase. Because of that, Grand Time early adopters will be heavily rewarded, so it’s best to acquire Grand tokens as soon as possible!

Buy Grand Token: https://grandtime.org/ico

You can follow the project development via:

Official project website:




Twitter: https://twitter.com/GRANDTIMEORG







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