SushiSwap CEO proposes new tokenomics for liquidity, decentralization

[ad_1] Jared Grey, CEO of the decentralized exchange Sushiswap, has plans to redesign the tokenomics of the SUSHI token, according to a proposal introduced on Dec. 30 in the Sushi's forum.As part of the new proposed tokenomics model, time-lock tiers will be introduced for emission-based rewards, as well as a token burning mechanism and a liquidity lock for price support. The new tokenomics aims to boost liquidity and decentralization in

These 4 altcoins may attract buyers with Bitcoin stagnating

[ad_1] Bitcoin’s (BTC) volatility remained subdued in the final few days of the last year, indicating that investors were in no hurry to enter the markets. Bitcoin ended 2022 near $16,500 and the first day of the new year also failed to ignite the markets. This suggests that traders remain cautious and on the lookout for a catalyst to start the next trending move.Several analysts remain bearish about Bitcoin’s near-term

3 ways crypto derivatives could evolve and impact the market in 2023

[ad_1] Futures and options let traders put down only a tiny portion of a trade’s value and bet that prices will go up or down to a certain point within a certain period. It can make traders' profits bigger because they can borrow more money to add to their positions, but it can also boost their losses much if the market moves against them.Even though the market for crypto derivatives