US federal agencies release joint statement on crypto asset risks and safe practices

[ad_1] United States federal bank regulatory agencies started off the new year with a statement on crypto assets that looked back at the troubles of the crypto sector in 2022. The Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) released a joint statement Jan. 3 on past problems and their efforts to maintain sound banking practices in spite of those challenges.“It

Cryptosat launches second ‘cryptographically-equipped’ satellite using SpaceX rocket

[ad_1] The company behind a crypto-satellite module launched in May has announced an additional piece of its blockchain-related infrastructure went into Earth orbit.According to a Jan. 3 announcement, one of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicles carried a “cryptographically-equipped” Cryptosat satellite — called Crypto2 — into orbit on Jan. 3. The addition of Crypto2 to the firm’s satellite constellation was part of efforts to make space a “new battleground in the

The Bahamas lawyers up as the FTX case proceeds in US court and disagreements fester

[ad_1] The Bahamas will have legal representation in the unfolding FTX case. The Caribbean nation chose Brown Rudnick as counsel “in certain matters of engagement related to the collapse of FTX Digital Markets Ltd.,” alongside Bahamian lawyers and other experts, according to a statement released by the law firm. FTX Digital Markets is headquartered in the Bahamas, and the top management of the company lived in that country. Cases against the

3 reasons why it could be a rocky week for Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins

[ad_1] Continuing with 2022’s trend, there is a lack of positive excitement in the crypto market. While Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins have remained stagnant to start 2023, there are a few reasons why volatility could spike in January. Market caps during the 2022 holiday period. Source: Arcane ResearchWinklevoss Letter to DCG stirs up bankruptcy FUDOn Jan. 2, Cameron Winklevoss, the co-founder of Gemini, penned an open letter to Digital Currency Group

Sam Bankman-Fried enters not guilty plea for all counts in federal court

[ad_1] Former FTX chief executive officer Sam Bankman-Fried has pled not guilty to all charges he’s facing including wire fraud, securities fraud, and violations of campaign finance laws. Multiple observers in the United States District Court in the Southern District of New York on Jan. 3 reported that Bankman-Fried’s attorneys had entered a not guilty plea on SBF’s behalf in his first court appearance since December. Bankman-Fried faces eight criminal counts

The biggest surprises in crypto of 2022

[ad_1] 2022 saw the fall of many linchpin crypto and blockchain firms as the May market drawdown shook the industry. It caused many cryptocurrencies to lose value and many investors to pull their money from the market. Furthermore, the unprecedented knock-on effects of the meltdown exposed many blockchain and cryptocurrency firms that were ill-prepared for turbulent times.However, a collective of companies was able to resist negative market forces and grow

Blockchain fintech GammaRey signs $320M merger agreement

[ad_1] According to an announcement on Jan.3, blockchain fintech firm GammaRey signed a merger agreement with financial e-commerce and consumer data analytics company GoLogiq. Both companies are based in the U.S., while GoLogiq focuses on customers in Southeast Asia. As stipulated by the terms, GoLogiq will issue $320 million in common stock to acquire 100% of GammaRey's outstanding shares. The transaction is anticipated to be completed within the next few weeks,