The feds must rein in crypto-financed terrorism

[ad_1] While regulators and policymakers dither and try to decide if cryptocurrencies have a future in the economy, early adopters, including terrorists and violent extremists, are exploiting a law enforcement blind spot. The ease by which money laundering and terrorism financing take place with cryptocurrencies and the more dangerous privacy coins are becoming a security threat of our own making through bureaucratic inaction.The recent indictment of a New York woman accused

GPT-4 apps BabyAGI and AutoGPT could have disruptive implications for crypto

[ad_1] A recent spate of applications built on OpenAI’s GPT-4 API has the crypto community buzzing with designs toward the development of a fully-autonomous, self-correcting cryptocurrency trading bot.AutoGPT set to 100 runs. Goal: amalgamate best indicators for Crypto trading in Pine code. Result looping errors. Scavenged through output, found enough bits for GPT4 to give me strategy Pine code. 4hr backtested 2018 to now. $25 to $92M. Started test today,

Core Scientific debtors petition bankruptcy court to approve new president

[ad_1] The debtors behind bankrupt cryptocurrency mining firm Core Scientific filed a motion for the approval of hiring a permanent president.In an April 10 filing with United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas, Core Scientific said it was addressing “a gap in the Debtors’ management team” prior to the firm filing for bankruptcy in December 2022. The debtors appointed Adam Sullivan, a managing director at investment banking

Stablecoin less preferable form of tokenized money, BIS paper finds

[ad_1] The singleness of money is the assurance that public and private money trade at the same rates. Even small differences between public and private money rates can have a ripple effect across transactions. A Bank of International Settlements (BIS) working paper compared models of private tokenized money in terms of their singleness as a complement to a central bank digital currency.Tokenization is “the process of representing claims in a

Bitfinex Securities El Salvador receives Digital Asset Service provider license in El Salvador

[ad_1] Digital asset exchange “Bitfinex Securities El Salvador” has received a digital asset service provider license under El Salvador's new Digital Assets Issuance Law, which was passed by El Salvador's National Congress in January 2023, with the goal of fostering increased financial innovation and growth in the Central American country. According to the announcement, the license, which was granted on April 11 by El Salvador’s National Digital Asset Commission, makes Bitfinex

Uniswap funds DAO incentive improvement project

[ad_1] Financial modeling platform Gauntlet has been awarded a grant from Uniswap Foundation to improve DAO incentive mechanisms, according to an announcement from Gauntlet.Very excited to announce our engagement with @gauntletnetwork and their new Applied Research Group! Gauntlet will be focused on designing and specifying incentive programs to benefit the Uniswap Protocol.— Uniswap Foundation (@UniswapFND) April 11, 2023 Gauntlet describes itself as a “crypto-native financial risk management solutions provider.”

Wyoming defends crypto-friendly bank charter regime in Custodia Bank’s lawsuit with Fed

[ad_1] The U.S. state of Wyoming has requested to intervene in the case between Custodia Bank and the Federal Reserve System, seeking to defend its framework allowing certain crypto firms to qualify as state-chartered banks.In an April 10 court filing, Wyoming Attorney General Bridget Hill filed a motion to “intervene in the defense” of the state’s regulation of Special Purpose Depository Institutions, or SPDIs. Custodia — called Avanti at the

CoFund tokenizes $10M hotel in Bali via Tokeny

[ad_1] On Apr. 11, tokenization infrastructure provider Tokeny announced a new partnership with Ethereum real-estate tokenization marketplace CoFund. The deal would enable CoFund to issue regulatory-compliant ERC-3643 security tokens on the Polygon (MATIC) network to tokenize a $10 million hotel in the Indonesian island resort of Bali. According to Tokeny, investors can own a piece of the hotel starting with a minimum investment of $1,000. Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny, commented:"Simple

Bitcoin continues to shine with 98% of inflows into crypto investment products

[ad_1] On April 11, European cryptocurrency investment firm CoinShares published its latest “Digital Asset Fund Flows Report,” revealing that digital asset investment products experienced positive sentiment with inflows totaling $57 million last week, bringing inflows back to a net positive position year-to-date. However, despite this, "volumes were low at $970 million for the week," and the global Bitcoin (BTC) exchange market also saw low volumes, which "were just 25% of

French central bank looks at certification, incorporation as part of DeFi regulation

[ad_1] The Banque de France has contributed to the discussion of European crypto asset regulation with a close examination of decentralized finance (DeFi) and potential approaches to its regulation. This discussion is timely because of the growing use of tokenization in finance and the introduction of blockchain technology in many economic sectors, the authors said.  The paper, written by members of the Fintech-Innovation Hub at the French central bank’s Autorité