Financial Services chair McHenry send SEC second request for records related to SBF arrest

[ad_1] Leadership in the United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee was not satisfied with Securities and Exchange Commission head Gary Gensler’s response to their request for documents. They have reached out to the SEC chairman again in a sharply worded letter. Committee chair Patrick McHenry and chair of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Rep. Bill Huizenga wrote Gensler on Feb. 10 “demanding records and communications between and among both

IMF to publish CBDC handbook in response to increasing demand for guidance

[ad_1] With interest in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) at an “unprecedented” level, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is experiencing heavy demand for guidance in regard to them. In response, the IMF planned to release a CBDC handbook, deputy managing director Bo Li said in a recent speech.The IMF official saw some urgency in meeting the needs of central banks planning CBDCs. Therefore, the organization has engaged with almost 30

San Francisco authorities make arrest in stabbing of Cash App creator Bob Lee

[ad_1] The San Francisco Police Department has arrested a tech executive named Nima Momeni in connection with the April 4 stabbing of Cash App creator Bob Lee.In an April 13 press conference, the SFPD announced Momeni was in custody following the execution search and arrest warrants in San Francisco and Emeryville, a city across the bay. Police chief Bill Scott said “the evidence shows that [Momeni and Lee] knew each

DAOs aren’t always the answer

[ad_1] As the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem grows in size and influence, the question of how to best govern DeFi protocols has taken center stage. In crypto-native circles, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are far and away the most popular governance structures.DAOs are often touted as an all-in-one fix for everything from investor-manager alignment to regulatory risk. However, as a spate of well-publicized internal disputes and regulatory crackdowns has shown, DAO

How on-chain data can make you a better trader

[ad_1] In this week’s episode of Market Talks, Cointelegraph welcomes Miguel Morel, CEO of Arkham Intelligence — a blockchain intelligence company that has built a platform that provides information on real-world entities and individuals behind crypto market activity.In today’s discussion with Morel, we will explore how and why on-chain data is useful and perhaps some ways that technical traders should be using it. We will also talk about what might be next

Amazon launches new Bedrock AI service to take on Google and OpenAI

[ad_1] Generative AI models such as ChatGPT have taken the technology world by storm as they threaten to permeate the mainstream. With the announcement of Bedrock, it’s clear that Amazon’s ready to go all-in just as big tech competitors Microsoft and Google have. Bedrock will allow AWS users to build out generative AI from foundation models (FMs) — GPT-4 would be an example of such a model with ChatGPT being

Gemini files for pre-registration undertaking in Canada

[ad_1] On April 12, cryptocurrency exchange Gemini announced it filed a pre-registration undertaking with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), which oversees capital markets in Canada's most populous province. The undertaking is a prerequisite to becoming a restricted dealer in Canada and is necessary for all cryptocurrency exchanges wishing to conduct business in the country. Cynthia Del Pozo Garcia, Gemini's director of strategy and corporate development, wrote:"As one of the most

Bitcoin derivatives data shows bulls positioning for further BTC price upside

[ad_1] Bitcoin (BTC) price maintained the $30,000 support as lower-than-expected U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) data released on April 12. The official inflation rate for March increased 5% year on year, which was slightly less than the 5.1% consensus. It was the lowest reading since May 2021, but is still significantly higher than the Federal Reserve's 2% target.The data suggests that inflation is no longer the driving force behind Bitcoin’s

US court issues summons to Tron’s Justin Sun, threatens default judgment if no response

[ad_1] A United States court has issued a summons to Tron founder Justin Sun’s Singapore address in connection to a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) civil case.In an April 12 filing, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York ordered Sun to respond to the summons within 21 days by contacting attorney for the SEC Adam Gottlieb. According to the court, “judgment by default will be entered”

Unsiwap launches iOS mobile wallet in select countries

[ad_1] Decentralized exchange Uniswap has launched a mobile wallet that features built-in support for the exchange, according to an April 13 announcement from the company. The app is available for iOS devices in select countries and can be found in Apple's App Store.1/ THIS IS NOT A DRILL The Uniswap mobile wallet is out of Apple jail and now live in most countries ✨Download our self-custody, open-sourced app today!