Crypto financial services provider Januar receives full Danish payments license

[ad_1] Danish startup Januar announced April 19 that it has received a Payment Institution License from the country’s Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA). The license will allow Januar to conduct business in the 30 European Economic Area markets, whereas it only served Danish companies under its previous limited permission. Januar provides International Bank Account Number (IBAN) business accounts to crypto businesses. Linking to IBAN infrastructure gives crypto companies access to compliant

Sotheby’s will auction off part of 3AC’s digital art collection

[ad_1] Sotheby’s auction house said it will be selling off a digital artwork collection formed as part of collapsed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, or 3AC.In an April 19 announcement, Sotheby’s said it would auction off nonfungible token, or NFT, artwork assembled as part of 3AC’s digital portfolio in 2021. The firm will begin the auction with sales of seven NFTs that are part of the ‘Grails’ collection in

Subgraph hosted service launches as The Graph prepares for decentralization

[ad_1] Blockchain data provider Chainstack has launched a hosted service for collections of Web3 data known as “subgraphs,” according to an April 19 announcement from the company. The service, called “Chainstack Subgraphs,” allows developers to create subgraphs and post them for a fee. We're thrilled to announce the launch of Chainstack Subgraphs, an enterprise-level data indexing solution built for ultra-fast access to #blockchain data in high-performance environments!Read our full announcement

Bank of Russia to set up entities for crypto mining and cross-border settlement: Report

[ad_1] Russia is taking further steps to mitigate global sanctions in place since the invasion of Ukraine in 2022. According to local media reports, the country's central bank plans to create new institutions to mine crypto assets and settle international payments. In a meeting in the State Duma — one of the chambers of the Russian parliament — the head of the central bank, Elvira Nabiullina, announced that the Bank of

Lack of stablecoin regulation could push issuers out of US: Austin Campbell

[ad_1] United States lawmakers discussed the role of stablecoins in a committee hearing, but some experts expressed concern about the country’s regulatory environment.In an April 19 hearing of the U.S. Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology and Inclusion, Austin Campbell, an adjunct assistant professor at the Columbia Business School, said areas including Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the United Kingdom have already proposed frameworks for stablecoins that could offer a competitive

European Parliament report recommends researching, but not launching, digital euro

[ad_1] An analytical paper released by the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs has given the digital euro a mixed review. The title of the paper summed up its position: “Digital Euro: When in doubt, abstain (but be prepared).”The paper was written at the request of the parliamentary committee by economist Ignazio Angeloni to assess the preparations for the launch of a digital euro. Angeloni looked at ten

StabilityAI launches StableLM open-source alternatives to ChatGPT

[ad_1] The large language model sector continues to swell as StabilityAI, maker of the popular image-generation tool Stable Diffusion, has launched a suite of open-source language model tools.Dubbed, StableLM, the publicly-available alpha versions of the suite currently contain models featuring three and seven billion parameters with 15, 30, and 65-billion parameter models noted as “in progress” and a 175-billion model planned for future development.Announcing StableLM❗We’re releasing the first of our

Here’s what happens to NFTs when you die: Nifty Newsletter, April 12–18

[ad_1] In this week’s newsletter, read about how Mastercard launched an accelerator program for musicians powered by nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and how online safety groups urged Meta to refrain from allowing minors into its new metaverse. Check out what happens to NFTs when a collector dies, and, in other news, find out how publishers are looking for alternatives to play-to-earn gaming. And don’t forget this week’s Nifty News, featuring Bitcoin

OpenAI has until April 30 to comply with EU laws, ‘next to impossible’ say experts

[ad_1] OpenAI may soon face its biggest regulatory challenge yet as Italian authorities insist the company has until April 30 to comply with local and European data protection and privacy laws, a task artificial intelligence (AI) experts say could be near impossible. Italian authorities issued a blanket ban on OpenAI’s GPT products in late March, becoming the first Western country to outright shun the products. The action came on the heels