Musk hints at suing Microsoft, US Rep wants Gary Gensler fired…

[ad_1] Top Stories This Week Elon Musk threatens Microsoft with lawsuit, claims AI trained on Twitter data Microsoft has been threatened with a lawsuit from Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who claimed the Big Tech firm “illegally” trained its artificial intelligence on Twitter data. The entrepreneur suggested that Microsoft mined user tweets to train its AI-powered applications. Musk tweeted that it was “lawsuit time” after reports that Microsoft would cease supporting

Trust Wallet to reimburse users after $170,000 security incident

[ad_1] Crypto wallet Trust Wallet disclosed a security vulnerability that resulted in nearly 170,000 losses for some users. The vulnerability has been patched, according to the company.Trust Wallet found out about the issue through its bug bounty program. A security researcher reported a WebAssembly (WASM) vulnerability in the open-source library Wallet Core in November 2022. New wallet addresses generated "between November 14 and 23, 2022 by Browser Extension contain this

Gemini to launch derivatives platform outside the United States

[ad_1] United States-based crypto exchange Gemini announced on April 21 the upcoming launch of a derivatives platform outside the U.S. The move comes amid a tightening and uncertain regulatory environment for crypto firms in the country. Dubbed Gemini Foundation, the offshore division will offer services to users based in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Argentina, Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Bhutan, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Chile, Egypt, El Salvador, Guernsey, Israel, Jersey, New

5 emerging trends in deep learning and artificial intelligence

[ad_1] Deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly evolving fields with new technologies emerging constantly. Five of the most promising emerging trends in this area include federated learning, GANs, XAI, reinforcement learning and transfer learning. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize various applications of machine learning, from image recognition to game playing, and offer exciting new opportunities for researchers and developers alike.Federated learningFederated learning is a machine learning

How is artificial intelligence revolutionizing financial services?

[ad_1] The future of AI in finance is exciting, with the potential to improve efficiency, accuracy and customer experience. However, it will be essential for financial institutions to carefully manage the risks and challenges associated with the use of AI. The use of AI in financial services has the potential to significantly improve the sector. Several facets of finance have already been transformed by AI, including fraud detection, risk management,

Bitcoin traders call for calm as BTC price slips 10% in a week

[ad_1] Bitcoin (BTC) barely held $27,000 on April 22 as another round of losses left bulls with little firepower.BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingViewGiant RSI support retest greets Bitcoin bullsData from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD just preserving the $27,000 mark on the day after the Wall Street trading week ended on a sour note.In contrast to United States equities, which managed to seal modest gains on

SafeMoon hacker agrees to return 80% of stolen funds: Finance Redefined

[ad_1] Welcome to Finance Redefined, your weekly dose of essential decentralized finance (DeFi) insights — a newsletter crafted to bring you the most significant developments from the past week.This week in DeFi saw the hacker behind the $8.9 million SafeMoon exploit agree to return the majority of the stolen funds. According to the project’s developers, the hacker will return 80% while keeping the remaining 20%.United States crypto lender BlockFi was

Yuga Labs scores court battle win, Mandala Metaverse to drop on Polkadot and more…

[ad_1] Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) creators Yuga Labs has scored a key win in its long-running court battle with Ryder Ripps, the co-creator of copycat NFT project RR/BAYC. Yuga Labs initially filed a complaint against Ryder Ripps and co-founder Jeremy Cahen back in July 2022, alleging that the duo had engaged in trademark infringement, false advertising, and unfair competition, among other things. In a pre-trial summary judgment ruling on

Do Kwon lawyers reportedly dismiss SEC’s securities fraud allegation

[ad_1] The lawyers representing Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon reportedly argued in court against the allegations pressed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The federal agency had sued Kwon for allegedly defrauding US investors by illegally offering unregistered securities.On April 21, Do Kwon’s lawyers asked the judge to dismiss the SEC lawsuit claiming that the regulator’s acquisitions were unfounded. While requesting to dismiss the lawsuit, Kwon’s lawyers asserted

Over 30% TikTok videos on crypto investments are misleading: Research

[ad_1] More than 1 out of 3 influencers on TikTok, the go-to social media platform for the young generation, have been found to post misleading videos about Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency investments in a recent study. TikTok has been widely adopted as a video-based alternative to Google searches. However, some influencers have been found to share unvetted misinformation on the social media platform about crypto investments, often trying to convince unwary