Hyperbitcoinization is underway, RFK seeks Bitcoin donations…

[ad_1] Top Stories This Week Hyperbitcoinization coming, says Bitcoin OG as ‘wholecoiners’ hit 1 million Bitcoin has crossed a significant threshold this month — there are over 1 million addresses that hold at least 1 BTC. Data from Glassnode shows an escalating pattern with regard to the amount of so-called Bitcoin “wholecoiners.” If the trend continues, Bitcoin price escalation could soon make buying it not only a luxury but something

Tether flees from banks, Ledger’s backdoor for seed phrases and more

[ad_1] Banks want to reduce exposure to crypto businesses, just as crypto businesses are seeking to reduce exposure to the ongoing banking crisis. Tether’s latest audit report shows that the stablecoin issuer withdrew over $4.5 billion from banks in the first quarter to reduce counterparty risk following Circle’s troubles during the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.The past few days also brought a change in the winds to Ripple’s battle with

Bitcoin FOMO is gone, portfolio managers are taking BTC seriously — 3iQ CEO

[ad_1] As the hype around Bitcoin (BTC) has faded, institutional investors and portfolio managers have begun looking at the major cryptocurrency as a "serious venue" to invest in, claims Fred Pye, CEO of 3iQ, Canada's first Bitcoin fund issuer.In an interview with Cointelegraph during the Bitcoin 2023, Pye spoke about Canada's advanced regulation for crypto trading, and how it has been drawing investors to the digital assets market. According to

Binance provider in Brazil gets payment institution approval

[ad_1] Latam Gateway, the payment provider for Binance in Brazil, has been granted a license by the country's central bank to operate as a payment institution and electronic money issuer on May 19, according to local media reports.Brazil is among Binance's top global markets, the exchange said in a previous announcement.Latam Gateway helps foreign companies to operate in Brazil by providing on/off ramps with the Brazilian real. According to the

Bitcoin forgets Fed as trader eyes classic BTC price ‘liquidity hunt’

[ad_1] Bitcoin (BTC) remained stuck inside a narrow range into May 20 as cryptocurrency markets shook off United States macro triggers.BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart on Bitstamp. Source: TradingViewPowell leaves market with "tons of uncertainty"Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD trading just below $27,000.The pair had seen brief volatility after Jerome Powell, Chair of the Federal Reserve, gave new commentary on policy and the outlook for inflation.While leaving

Bitcoin Ordinals’ total mintage fees increase 700% from April: Report

[ad_1] According to a report compiled by @dgtl_assets of Dune Analytics, the total network fees paid for the minting of Bitcoin Ordinals reached 1,414 Bitcoin (BTC), or $38.2 million, on May 20, representing an increase of 700% from April 20 and 831% from April 1, respectively. An analysis shows that despite continued interest in Bitcoin NFTs, the overwhelming majority of Bitcoin Ordinals has since shifted to text-based inscriptions, compared to

A brief history of nonfungible tokens

[ad_1] As mentioned, the story took off with colored coins, which were created to represent and manage ownership of real-world assets on the blockchain. They were different from Bitcoin (BTC) because of the “nonfungible” element that provided them with a unique utility. Demonstrating a humongous leap in Bitcoin’s capabilities, colored coins were composed of tiny fractions of a Bitcoin, which could be as minuscule as a satoshi. Use cases of

Monero community lashes out against ‘Mordinals’ amid privacy concerns

[ad_1] Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are finally on the most infamous privacy-focused blockchain, but not everyone is happy about it. Mordinals, or Monero Ordinals, are similar to Bitcoin Ordinals in that they allow anyone to inscribe data alongside transactions stored on the Monero blockchain.From reduced privacy on the network to storing illegal content on an undeletable database, the Monero community is throwing around many concerns — but is there really anything

How crypto funds shape the development of the digital asset market

[ad_1] A crypto fund is an investment fund that primarily focuses on investing in cryptocurrencies or digital assets. It allows investors to gain exposure to the crypto market without having to purchase individual coins or tokens themselves. Instead, these funds pool money from multiple investors to purchase various cryptocurrencies, often including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and other popular tokens.Crypto funds can also be categorized based on their investment strategies. For

How to use cloud storage effectively

[ad_1] Cloud storage has revolutionized the way we store, access and share data. It has evolved into a vital resource for both individuals and companies because of its many benefits, including scalability, accessibility and cost-effectiveness. However, it is crucial to use cloud storage wisely if one wants to fully realize its potential. This article provides some strategies on how to maximize the benefits of cloud storage and improve the user