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Bitfinex and GoCrypto announce the listing of the GoC token

[ad_1] Advertisment AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – [June 7th, 2023] – During the highly anticipated Money2020 meetup, industry leaders Dejan Roljić, CEO of GoCrypto, and Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex, proudly announced the official listing of GoCrypto’s (GoC) token on the Bitfinex exchange. Trading in the GoC/USDT and GoC/USD pairs is now live. Dejan Roljić and Paolo Ardoino Money2020 Meetup GoCrypto, a
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    German banks slowly adopt crypto, mostly for institutional investors

    [ad_1] For a long time, German banks largely neglected the cryptocurrency industry, considering it too speculative, too risky and too unregulated.Foreign institutions, neobrokers, and crypto fintech companies such as Bitwala, Trade Republic, Bison App and Bitpanda were primarily responsible for providing services like trading and custody, business account management, tokenization,

    How proof-of-identity provides human experiences

    [ad_1] Technological developments have long been at the heart of many societal fears. Breakthroughs like nuclear energy and even WiFi ignited many people’s imaginations, leading them to believe that these things meant to make life easier would instead end the world as they knew it.An entire genre of fiction and

    Can blockchain really improve trust in AI? – Cointelegraph Magazine

    [ad_1] Most technological revolutions come with an unforeseen darker side. When Austrian-born physicists Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch first split the atom in the late 1930s, they probably didn’t anticipate their discovery would lead a few years later to the atomic bomb. The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is arguably no

    Whatever happened to EOS? Community shoots for unlikely comeback – Cointelegraph Magazine

    [ad_1] Whatever happened to EOS? After the biggest ICO in history, the former top 10 token now languishes around number 53. But the community has since taken back control and is determined to restore the smart contract platform to its former glory. If you’re a newcomer to the crypto industry,

    Here’s how Ethereum’s ZK-rollups can become interoperable – Cointelegraph Magazine

    [ad_1] The past few weeks have seen a wave of zero-knowledge proof project launches, including Polygon’s zkEVM and Matter Lab’s zkSync Era on mainnet, and the Linea zkEVM from ConsenSys on testnet. They join StarkWare’s long-running StarkEx solution and its decentralized cousin StarkNet along with a variety of other projects


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    Top 10 Ways to Make Money with OpenAI’s ChatGPT | The Bitcoin News

    [ad_1] Advertisment Are you intrigued by ChatGPT’s potential and looking for methods to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT to commercialize it? You’re lucky because this essay will examine the top 10 commercialization techniques for ChatGPT from OpenAI. This thorough piece contains something for everyone, whether you’re an independent creator, a social media

    Leading Blockchain Hubs Across Europe | The Bitcoin News

    [ad_1] Advertisment Blockchains, the foundation and design manual for all cryptocurrencies, is gaining popularity not just in the world of digital assets but also in a wide range of other sectors that have adopted and integrated the technology into their operations. The whole network of computer systems on the blockchain

    Leading Blockchain Companies in The United Kingdom | The Bitcoin News

    [ad_1] Advertisment Blockchain technology is hot news within countries across the globe, largely due to the incredible functions of the technology that are revolutionising life as we know it. Global economies, systems used across various sectors and not just the digital asset industry, along with our societies and systems we