IBM offers guidance for successful implementation of digital euro

[ad_1] IBM has some ideas about what it will take to make the digital euro a success, which it shared in a recent blog post. It suggested five items for designers to help the European Central Bank digital currency “enter the highly competitive, multifaceted, and heterogeneous payments landscape in the Eurozone.”Some of the IBM points are already found in the European Commission (EC) legislative proposal. “Build on existing rails,” the

BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF to be the 7th application delayed by SEC today

[ad_1] The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has delayed an application for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund from global asset manager BlackRock.The asset manager, which is said to have 8.5 trillion of assets on its books, has had its iShares Bitcoin Trust delayed, aimed at offering investors access to Bitcoin markets without having to have direct exposure to BTC itself. In June, BlackRock lodged an application for a Bitcoin-backed ETF with the

SEC delays decision on spot Bitcoin ETF applications from WisdomTree, Invesco, and Valkyrie

[ad_1] The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has postponed its decision on WisdomTree’s Bitcoin Trust first filed on Dec. 8 2021. The institutional giant refiled its ETF application on July 19, 2023 with the first deadline approaching.WisdomTree’s Bitcoin ETF proposal didn’t get the SEC’s approval in 2021. However. after BlackRock joined the spot Bitcoin ETF race, WisdomTree refiled its application as well, However, WisdomTree was not the only

KC Fed tracks healthy growth of crypto ATM industry despite predatory operators

[ad_1] The crypto ATM business is thriving in the United States, despite criticism for illegal or predatory behavior, according to a report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Crypto ATMs have a growing customer base that could sometimes benefit from better education about crypto, the report concluded.Crypto ATMs convert Bitcoin (BTC) and often other cryptocurrencies or stablecoins into or out of fiat. Like traditional ATMs, crypto ATMs

Hurricane Idalia delays Ron DeSantis’ reported plans to accept crypto campaign donations

[ad_1] Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis cancelled a campaign event in which he was reportedly planning to announce the acceptance of cryptocurrency contributions toward his 2024 presidential run. According to an Aug. 29 report from the Miami Herald, DeSantis cancelled a cocktail-hour fundraiser for his 2024 presidential campaign in which he was expected to start accepting donations in crypto. The cancellation was due to the approach of Hurricane Idalia — a storm

CME Bitcoin trading volume surpasses Bybit, but is it impacting BTC price?

[ad_1] The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) introduced its Bitcoin (BTC) futures contract in December 2017. This was around the same time that BTC had reached an all-time high of $19,800, but by late 2018 the price had dropped to $3,100. Investors in cryptocurrencies quickly learned that CME derivative contracts allowed them to make bullish bets with leverage, but also enabled them to bet against the price, a practice known as

Worldcoin signs up over 9K users in Argentina in a single day despite criticism

[ad_1] Human ID project Worldcoin signed up over 9,500 users in Argentina in a single day in August, setting a record for single-day signups. To achieve this feat, facilitators onboarded participants at an average rate of less than nine seconds per person, according to an Aug. 31 announcement from the project.Argentina is one of the world’s leading countries for blockchain innovation & crypto adoption. That reputation was reinforced recently, as

When will it be too late to invest in Bitcoin?

[ad_1] On the latest episode of Cointelegraph’s Market Talks, host Ray Salmond spoke with Luke Broyles, a popular Bitcoin (BTC) advocate and content creator on YouTube and X (formerly Twitter). During the show, Broyles laid out his Bitcoin investment thesis and his unique perspectives on how the asset’s price could eventually rise into seven-figure territory.Broyles said that in 2020, he realized the bond market was broken. While searching for alternative

If Worldcoin can improve the world, why not give it a chance?

[ad_1] All eyes have been on Worldcoin (WLD) since the July 24 launch of its “World ID” system. The issues associated with the launch have been well reported at this juncture. They include possible onboarding security risks along with Worldcoin’s use of biometric data, which is now under investigation by governments in several countries — including the United Kingdom, France and Argentina.In the tech industry, where many of the most

$16M in crypto lost to hacks in August — Report

[ad_1] A total of $15.8 million in cryptocurrencies were lost to hacks or exploits in the month of August.According to an Aug. 31 report by blockchain security firm Immunfi, a combined $23.4 million in crypto was lost to a combination of hacks and fraud, a significant decrease compared to the $320.5 million lost in July. All exploits consisted of attacks against decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, and not a single incident