Coinbase’s lending bet, a new ads policy at Google and Marathon’s mining performance

[ad_1] Crypto giant Coinbase seems to be strategically steering its ship amid constant crypto industry turbulence in 2023. The company recently unveiled its lending platform for institutional investors, aiming to fill the void left behind by major players during 2022’s crypto winter, when firms such as Celsius Network, BlockFi and Genesis went bankrupt. The move comes after the company shut down its Borrow service for retail customers in May amid regulatory

Scientists created ‘OpinionGPT’ to explore explicit human bias — and you can test it for yourself

[ad_1] A team of researchers from Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin have developed a large language artificial intelligence model with the distinction of having been intentionally tuned to generate outputs with expressed bias.Called OpinionGPT, the team’s model is a tuned variant of Meta’s Llama 2, an AI system similar in capability to OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Anthropic’s Claude 2. Using a process called instruction-based fine-tuning, OpinionGPT can purportedly respond to prompts as if

Why is Stellar (XLM) price up this week?

[ad_1] Stellar (XLM) token experienced a notable 11.5% increase in value between Sept. 2 and Sept. 8, a novelty given that Bitcoin and most altcoins are down for the week. The surge came after XLM tested the $0.113 support level, which marked its lowest point in the past eight weeks. The price upswing followed a preliminary announcement made by Stellar Org on social media. While the announcement was somewhat cryptic, it

Fed vice chair Barr gives update on CBDC research, plugs stablecoin legislation

[ad_1] The United States Federal Reserve Bank vice chairman spoke at the Philadelphia Fed’s fintech event on Sept. 8 about the central bank's role in financial innovation. Research and supervision was the short answer and a nod to the FedNow Service.Along with the standard disclaimer about it making no decisions without Congressional authorization, Barr provided an overview of the Fed’s “current focus” of central bank digital currency (CBDC) research. He

BIS thinks DeFi has no use cases, but CZ is bullish: Finance Redefined

[ad_1] Welcome to Finance Redefined, your weekly dose of essential decentralized finance (DeFi) insights — a newsletter crafted to bring you the most significant developments from the past week.The past week in the DeFi ecosystem was filled with ups and downs, from the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) investigation into multiple DeFi protocols to Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao’s forecast that DeFi would outgrow centralized finance (CeFi) in

Blockchain Association responds to US lawmakers’ request for crypto tax guidance

[ad_1] The Blockchain Association, a United States-based cryptocurrency advocacy group, has submitted suggestions for lawmakers to consider in potential legislation on the tax treatment of digital assets.In a Sept. 8 letter to U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Mike Crapo, the Blockchain Association said lawmakers should support the Keep Innovation in America Act, a bill aimed at changing the reporting requirements for certain taxpayers involved in crypto transactions. According to the

Bitcoin energy value metric puts BTC’s ‘fair value’ at $47K — Analyst

[ad_1] Bitcoin (BTC) price is trading in a frustratingly tight range between $25,500 and $26,500, leaving traders unsure of the next direction that asset could take.However, Charles Edwards, founder of Capriole Investments, believes that Bitcoin’s current price presents a low-risk long-term buying opportunity. Edwards’ view is based on Bitcoin's production cost and energy value.Capriole Investments energy value theory gives a fair value price of $47,200 and Edwards reiterated his bullish

10 years later, still no Bitcoin ETF — but who cares?

[ad_1] The first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) application, filed in July 2013, was denied in both 2017 and 2018. A decade has passed since that initial application, and the Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected more than a dozen additional applications and repeatedly punted the date for deciding on others.The ETF saga’s latest iteration saw Bitcoin (BTC) jump more than 6% as industry advocates celebrated a court ruling that

Who is better at crypto investing?

[ad_1] Cointelegraph video journalist and YouTube host Giovanni Pigni challenged ChatGPT to a crypto investment game. Both contenders had $100 to build a strong crypto portfolio and make as much money as possible in two weeks. The goal of the experiment was to find out whether artificial intelligence can beat a human in crypto trading and to find human strengths and weaknesses relative to AI’s investment approach. In order to build