Paxos’ $500K Bitcoin fee, FTX tokens sales set to begin, and more

[ad_1] Top Stories This Week Paxos confirms it’s responsible for paying a $500K Bitcoin transaction fee The Bitcoin miner who received 19.8 BTC in fees from blockchain infrastructure firm Paxos has returned the funds following Paxos’ claim that it made a mistake in paying over $500,000 in transfer fees. On Sept. 10, Paxos paid the six-figure fee to move $2,000, with the average network fee typically being around $2. The

how asset tokenization is reshaping the status quo

[ad_1] The Boston Consulting Group estimates the tokenization of real-world assets could become a $16 trillion industry in the coming years. Its impact, however, goes well beyond financial figures, and can help people in developing countries to find new ways to deal with real-world problems.During a panel moderated by Cointelegraph's editor-in-chief Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr at Swiss Web3 Fest, industry experts provided insights into how tokenization can be applied to real-world

DeFi economic activity drops 15% in August —VanEck

[ad_1] The decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has suffered more setbacks in August as on-chain economic activity dwindled. According to an analysis from investment manager firm VanEck, exchange volume declined to $52.8 billion in August, 15.5% lower than in July. The findings are based on VanEck's MarketVector Decentralized Finance Leaders Index (MVDFLE), which tracks the performance of the largest and most liquid tokens on DeFi protocols, including Unisawp (UNI), Lido DAO (LDO),

Magic Eden integrates Solana’s compressed NFTs into marketplace

[ad_1] Nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace Magic Eden has announced that it will support Solana’s compressed NFTs (cNFTs) to provide a cost-efficient and scalable alternative to owning digital collectibles.Today we’re releasing support for cNFTs (find them in our popular collections) cNFTs are a new wave of NFT creation only possible on Solana. The "c" stands for compressed (not Cardano don't worry) which allows them to be produced at a fraction of

What are address poisoning attacks in crypto and how to avoid them?

[ad_1] Address poisoning attacks are malicious tactics used by attackers who can reroute traffic, interrupt services, or obtain unauthorized access to sensitive data by inserting bogus data or changing routing tables. The integrity of data and network security are seriously threatened by these assaults, which take advantage of flaws in network protocols.This article will explain what address poisoning attacks are, their types and consequences, and how to protect oneself against

Polkadot community PolkaWorld halts operations after failed funding bid

[ad_1] Polkadot community PolkaWorld has announced that it has halted its operations after the community's proposal to get funding from Polkadot's treasury was rejected. The organization brought up several concerns about the project's treasury management and made several claims in a recent announcement. In a post published on PolkaWorld’s official X (formerly Twitter) account, the organization claimed that the treasury management under Polkadot's new open governance platform called “OpenGov,” is affecting

DJ 3LAU causes a stir after opting out of over regulatory risks

[ad_1] Popular DJ and crypto investor 3LAU (Justin Blau) has caused a stir in the crypto community after suddenly opting out of decentralized social media platform Explaining the decision, the DJ highlighted concerns over the regulatory risks that the platform may pose. In a Sept. 15 X (Twitter) thread, 3LAU revealed that he stepped away from after “understanding more of the risks.” “I think it’s an awesome product,

Mark Cuban’s loses $870K in hot wallet hack

[ad_1] Nearly $900,000 worth of crypto was reportedly drained from one of the hot wallets belonging to billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.Independent blockchain sleuth @WazzCrypto was the first to spot the hack on Sept. 15 at around 8 PM UTC, after they highlighted suspicious behavior happening with one of Cuban’s wallets that the 65-year-old hadn’t interacted with for roughly five months. Lmao, did Mark Cuban's wallet just

Binance CEO responds to rumors, says US executive is ‘taking a deserved break’

[ad_1] Binance Holdings CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) has shot down speculation surrounding the departure of Binance.US CEO Brian Shroder, noting that he is “taking a deserved break" after a successful stint at the company.  Binance.US is a subsidiary of Binance Holdings, and the U.S. based exchange has seen a handful of other top executives recently step down from the firm amid lawsuits from the Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodities