XRP jumps then dumps on faked BlackRock XRP trust filing

[ad_1] A BlackRock filing suggesting the asset manager was creating an XRP (XRP) exchange-traded product caused a 12% spike in XRP, which it quickly lost after the filing was confirmed as fake.The saga lasted an hour late on Nov. 14 as X (Twitter) users picked up on a Delaware filing showing BlackRock filed to register the “iShares XRP Trust” — a precursor to launching an exchange-traded fund (ETF).XRP gained 12%,

First deadline window looms for SEC to approve Bitcoin ETFs: Law Decoded

[ad_1] The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could approve all 12 pending spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) applications by Nov. 17. Beginning on Nov. 9, the SEC reportedly has a “window” to approve all 12 spot Bitcoin ETF filings, including Grayscale Investments conversion of its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust product.However, even if the SEC approves spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs by Nov. 17, it could be more than a month

APEC finance ministers to share perspectives on crypto at meeting in San Francisco

[ad_1] The weeklong Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit began on Nov. 11 in San Francisco. The highlight of the event will surely be on the sidelines, when United States President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Ping meet on Nov. 15, but with the focus of the organization being on the regional economy, the finance ministers’ meeting is also of primary importance.U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in her opening

Why is Solana (SOL) price down today?

[ad_1] Solana's native token (SOL) experienced a remarkable 58.6% surge in just five days, reaching an $64 high on Nov. 11. However, the subsequent two-day retracement of 11.3% to $54 has prompted investors to question whether this signals a fading bullish momentum or merely a temporary price adjustment.To put Solana's performance into context, let's compare it to other leading altcoins. Since its peak on Nov. 11, Avalanche (AVAX) has rallied

Crypto advocacy group pushes back against proposed IRS rules on brokers

[ad_1] The Blockchain Association, a United States-based cryptocurrency advocacy group, has submitted a comment letter mainly in opposition to tax regulations proposed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).In a Nov. 13 letter, the Blockchain Association (BA) said proposed IRS rules introduced in August aimed at regulating the sale and exchange of digital assets by brokers exceeded the government body’s authority and reflected “fundamental misunderstandings about the nature of digital assets

CBOE to launch BTC, ETH margin futures trading in January with 11 firms supporting

[ad_1] Cboe Digital has announced the launch date of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) margin futures trading – Jan. 11, 2024. The regulated crypto-native exchange and clearinghouse will become the first in the United States to offer both spot and leveraged derivatives trading on a single platform, it said in a statement.Margin trading increases capital efficiency by allowing customers to trade futures without posting full collateral. The ability to carry

DeFi vulnerability leading to $6.7M exploit ‘not detected’ by auditors

[ad_1] Decentralized U.S. dollar stablecoin protocol Raft claims that despite multiple security audits, the firm still suffered a security exploit leading to the loss of $6.7 million last week.According to the project's Nov. 13 post-mortem report, a few days prior, a hacker borrowed 6,000 Coinbase-wrapped staked Ether (cbETH) on decentralized finance protocol Aave, transferred the sum to Raft, and minted 6.7 million Raft stablecoin, dubbed "R," using a smart contract


[ad_1] Bitcoin (BTC) has risen more than 120% year-to-date, indicating that the crypto sentiment has improved significantly. Solid buying has resulted in a sharp increase in crypto wallets holding more than $1 million in Bitcoin this year from 23,795 on Jan. 1 to 81,925 currently, according to BitInfoCharts data.After the substantial rally, Bitcoin could face headwinds in the near term as investors digest the macroeconomic data and events due this

History tells us we’re in for a strong bull market with a hard landing

[ad_1] While the United States Federal Reserve decided to hold interest rates at its November meeting, they remain at their highest level since well before the global financial crisis (GFC) of 2008-09. The Federal Funds rate stands at 5.25-5.5%, similar to the United Kingdom’s 5.25%, while in the European Union it is at a record high of 4%.This is being driven by high inflation, which remains sticky throughout the developed

Taiwanese crypto exchange and VASP member Bitgin under investigation for money laundering

[ad_1] Taiwan cryptocurrency exchange Bitgin is under investigation by the country's police force for money laundering. According to local news reports early this week, Yuting Zhang, the firm's COO, was arrested by Taiwanese police for his alleged role in the "Eighty-Eight Guild Hall" money laundering incident. Previously Zhemin Guo and Chengwen Tu, two local businessmen, were accused by police of operating a multi-billion-dollar money laundering scheme by using their foreign exchange